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Recognize, identify and implement data-based drivers of agricultural success.

Our technology delivers over 95% accuracy of plant disease detection and predicts crop yield with over 90% accuracy.

About Fermata

Fermata connects farmers with state-of-the-art resources and technologies for crop optimization enabling them to excel in today's competitive global economy.

Armed with an arsenal of technologies that include hardware, such as sensors and robots, as well software capable of machine learning for image recognition and resource optimization, Fermata is able to create and supply custom solutions for 21st-century farmers.


Our solutions include tools
for early disease
identification, yield
prediction, and cost
optimization both for fields
and greenhouses.

Sensors Fermara

Stationary sensors with built-in cameras collect climate and visual data from plants.

AI for image recognition Fermata
AI for image recognition

Image recognition solutions both for greenhouses and fields provide early pest & disease identification, plant weight estimation and monitor plant growth.

Satellite data Fermata
Satellite data

Satellite data is used to estimate various parameters such as growth indices, soil moisture levels and heat stress experienced by plants.

Robots Fermata

Robots, developed through collaboration, automatically collect visual and climate data in greenhouses.

Prediction & Optimization Fermata
Prediction & Optimization

Aggregating available sources of data, our system predicts crop yield and provides recommendations for its maximization while reducing harvesting costs

Agritech Software Fermata
Agritech Software

We develop and integrate professional software combining the power of all our technology for sustainable growth of an agri entity.


Our team consists of software developers, scientists and businessmen who strive to create the best and most accurate agricultural optimization platform and deliver it into the hands of farmers around the world.

Valeria Kogan Fermara
Valeria Kogan Co-Founder, CEO

Valeria has background in applied maths and has built her career in biotech and agritech, leading projects in innovative startups. She has been involved in both building and marketing products, as well as management and fundraising.

Anton Lizunov Fermata
Anton Lizunov, PhD Co-Founder & CSO

Anton is an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning. For the past 10 years, he has been the head of mathematical modeling lab in a research institute, and he was involved in various commercial projects related to image recognition and machine learning, as an expert in the field.

Inal Tomaev Fermata
Inal Tomaev COO

Inal is a lawyer who has built his career working in startups, occupying various roles. His expertise lies in establishing relationships and connections between clients and companies around the world. He is a serial entrepreneur and professional in fundraising and management.


Born out of an idea to analyze various metadata inputs, Fermata has grown to develop next-generation farming tools. Since our inception in early 2019, we have secured numerous projects, partners and investors who believe in us, our product and our vision. Together, we aim to change farming forever as we move towards the future.


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August 03, 2020 Fermata

Инал Томаев, исполнительный директор Fermata, рассказывает, где начинающим бизнесменам искать крупных и опытных партнеров и как выстраивать отношения с ними, чтобы обе стороны остались в выигрыше.

August 03, 2020 Title

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July 31, 2020 Израильско-российский агротех-стартап Fermata